Monday, March 19, 2012


Everyone knows that St. Patrick's Day in San Francisco is a shitshow, and since it fell on a Saturday this year, we figured it would be even worse, so we got the fuck out of town and went up to Sonoma to do some wine tasting and so forth.

A few observations:

- Two, yes, TWO different wineries dyed their chardonnay green for tasting. Green beer I can understand. Green chardonnay is repulsive. One of the wineries said that someone who bought the chardonnay asked that the bottle they bought be dyed green. What. The. Fuck.

- The SPD stuff at wineries other than that was pretty mellow. Tasting room employees wearing green and saying "Happy St. Patrick's Day" was about it. Some of the people on those limo winery tours were wearing beads and stuff, but no big thing.

- In downtown Healdsburg, there were definitely drunk people wandering around wearing SPD paraphernalia, but the intense partying seemed confined to one townie-type bar we passed.

- We were a little wined out by dinner and ate at Bear Republic's brewpub in Healdsburg. I finally caved and got the corned beef & cabbage, which was surprisingly good. We tried three different beers and they were all fine. Nothing set me on fire or anything.

- I think the best places we went were probably Mill Creek and John Tyler. Coincidentally, we were the only people there at both places.


Tamagosan said...

Really, green wine? I figured by the time you were old enough to be going wine tasting, you would have figured out that is not cool...

The only SPD action I witnessed in Tahoe City this weekend was one girl in a green boa. It was kind of an awesome boa actually. Other than that, back at the ski house, everyone drank the normal amount, since those whose normal amount is quite a lot figured out years ago that they don't need the holiday to justify it to us...

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