Thursday, January 12, 2012


The line you got in will be the slowest one.

They messed something up in your delivery order.

She's not in love with you.

It's sold out.

They sold out.

It won't look as good when you get it home.

You're going to be in the bathroom when they play the song you wanted to hear.

It's backed up to the Maze.

There's a line at the lunch place.

There's a new meme going around. It involves a dog and text in all caps.

This place will be ruined by hipsters.

Someone is offended by something you don't find offensive at all.

A celebrity will die unexpectedly.

A commenter on the Internet will profess an objectionable opinion.

You spent too much.

Fog in the morning, burning off my midday.

Maybe you'll move to New York.

The Giants won't be able to hit.

That thing with Rob Schneider in it is going to suck.

You can't believe they broke up.

It's a mistake for them to get married.

You will have too much to drink.


daisy said...

This might be my favorite post of yours ever.

Rocco said...

^ sames

TK said...

Wow, thanks, guys. I guess that's Sober January for you.

amy.leblanc said...

all true.

Tamagosan said...

I'll add to #18: ...but they will be able to pitch and sometimes pull crazy shit off so you'll love them more and more and if you don't your family will disown you so you better be grateful for the team you were born with goddamnit.

Rocco said...

or in this case, not enough to drink.

daisy said...

In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM did I mean to encourage sober January.

Generik said...

Sober January sucks, except for this post.

Rocco said...

the best part about sober january is ditching halfway through to go daytime drinking.

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